Sunday, December 5, 2010

Eyeshadow Primer

First thing’s first, before applying eyeshadow, apply a primer. You can simply apply it all over the eyelid using a brush or using your ring finger. This will help your eyeshadow last longer, prevents eyelids from creasing due to natural oils and help eyeshadow colors become more vibrant. There are plenty of primers to choose from, I’ve tried a few but nothing beats M.A.C primers, I absolutely love them!

*My personal favorite primers are:

Prep + Prime eye
Soft Ochre paint pot  (medium)
Delft paint pot
R.S.V.P Creaseless cream shadow/ liner

Prep + Prime eye & Soft Ochre paint pot- can be used with all colors. I wear this ALL the time, not just only when I go out.

Delft paint pot - Love this product! this primer is for all those pretty darker shades of shimmery  blues, greens, grays, & purples. This primer really helps the colors become more vibrant. So pretty!

R.S.V.P Creaseless cream shadow/ liner – This one’s by Benefit I received a sample of it & I love it as well, it’s three in one, I use it as a primer for certain eyeshadows, mainly eyeshadows with sparkles & that are hard to stay on. ( I love free samples!)

* Eyeshadow using  DELFT PAINT POT.

 * Eyeshadow using SOFT OCHRE PAINT POT


  1. I started using primer like two years ago, can you believe it? I can't live without it anymore! I don't understand how I ever did live without it!

  2. I agree, I Can't live without it! I feel like I don't have to pack eyeshadow on as much.