Monday, December 6, 2010

Makeup Brushes

Here are my tools for perfecting my makeup looks. Most of the brushes are M.A.C professional brushes, I’ve had my set for a few years now. They’re a bit pricey but worth every penny. You can purchase brushes that work good and can be bought at Target or any beauty supply store for a cheaper price. I bought a few of them myself and they work just as good.

Eye brushes

(From left to right)

Tapered Blending Brush 224-
This brush is used for controlling eyeshadow application and blending. I use this one for the crease of my eyes, gives the eyes a smooth effect. Love it!

Blending Brush 217 –
I love this brush, it’s a must have! This brush is for shading, blending, & can be used with creamy colors. I use it on the my crease when I want the color to appear darker.

Eye Shader Brush 239-
This brush is used to shade, blend, and to build intense color on the eyelid.

Large Shader Brush 252-
You can also do the same as the 'Eye Shader Brush', it’s just bigger. Created to shade eyeshadow or  base products (primer) all over eye lid.Perfect with people who have big eyelids.

Shader Brush 242-
This brush can be used to apply  powder, concealer and primer. 

Shading Medium Angled Brush 275-
I use this brush  to shade underneath my eyebrows.
Small Angle Brush 266-
This brush is for creating sharp precise lines, perfect for eyeliner.

Smudge applicator-
 I like to use this applicator to smudge my eyeliner. (Sephora)

Eyeliner angle brush-
Used for eyeliner.

Face Brushes

Blush Brush 116-
This brush is used to shade and highlight cheecks and face.
(Silver brush is from Urban Decay)

Short Duo Fibre Brush 130-
I like this brush, helps to smooth and easy application of foundation, cream, and powder.

Foundation Brush 190-
Helps create smooth, even finish and a flawless look. Love it!

Powder brush- (urban decay)
For all over face powder.

 That's pretty much it, if you have any questions please feel free to ask away. Also, PLEASE COMMENT ON MY BLOGS. Thank you.

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