Wednesday, December 29, 2010

NYE 2010 inspired..

I went shopping last night for my NYE dress with makeup in mind. I want to wear something simple yet cute so  my makeup can be a bit dramatic, this year I want to ring in the new year glamored up with a  fun, festive &  hint of a dramatic look . So I decide on Silver, glitter, smoky-eye using a shade of dark blue & some fabulous lashes,  this is what I came up with..

 Colors used to perfect this look are:

(left to right)
Primer- Soft Ochre

Under the brow-Brule
Crease- Contrast
Eyelid- Silver ring with Nylon on top (together)
Outer corner of eyes- Nehru
 Eyelid- apply Sephora's silver glitter liner all over eyelid for a sparkle affect. 

After applying eyeshadow apply black eyeliner pencil & smug on eyelid & under the eyes, Then apply eyelashes ( Cherry Red lashes #47) touch up eyeliner after applying eyelashes if necessary.

 If you're on a budget you can purchase this silver & gray eyeshadow at sally's beauty supply store for $7 works great.

Have a Happy & Blessed New YEAR!!! :D
Leave a comment if you have any questions.


  1. That is soo pretty! I love your hair.

  2. Gorgeous julz. I was gonna do purple but I might try this! Thanks

  3. Malia- Thank you doll :)

    Mayra- did you try it? :)

    Happy new year ladies! <3